4 Reasons You Should Sign Your Loved One up for Our Day Programs

4 Reasons You Should Sign Your Loved One up for Our Day Programs

Taking care of a loved one with special needs requires stamina, dedication, and an understanding of your loved one's unique requirements. An adult daycare program, like the one offered by Advanced Developmental Disabilities Services (ADDS) in Arizona, can provide a much-needed respite for family caregivers. Find out why you should consider enrolling your loved one in our day program, and then contact us today to get started.


Comprehensive Care in a Safe Environment

Our adult daycare center offers comprehensive care solutions, combining respite, habilitation, and crucial life skills training. We create a safe and supportive environment designed to meet the needs of those we serve and provide peace of mind for the family members who love them.


Life-Skills Education

At ADDS, our programs emphasize independence, teaching important daily living activities and social skills. From cooking and cleaning to money management and social interactions, our curriculum prepares individuals for many situations they may encounter. It’s our goal to equip those in our care with vital skills that can transform their lives and instill a sense of self-reliance.


Social Opportunities

Day programs for adults with disabilities provide a unique social platform. While in our care, they get ample opportunities to interact with peers, build relationships, and engage in various group activities. This level of social stimulation and engagement may be challenging to achieve at home, but at ADDS, we create an atmosphere where individuals can thrive!


Respite for Caregivers

A caregiving role can feel overwhelming, leaving little time for your personal needs. Fortunately, our programs deliver reliable and compassionate care, allowing family caregivers much-needed downtime while knowing their loved ones are in good hands, if only for a few hours a day.

At ADDS, we understand the importance of high-quality care and support for adults with developmental disabilities and their caregivers. Contact us today to learn more about our day programs for adults with disabilities in Arizona.

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