Skills Our Day Programs Help Improve

Skills Our Day Programs Help Improve

Supporting people with special needs, disabilities, or chronic conditions is crucial for the creation of a compassionate and inclusive community. Community involvement and personalized support empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives, build self-esteem, and achieve greater independence. At Advanced Developmental Disabilities Services (ADDS) in Phoenix, our adult day treatment and training program emphasizes importance of development and personal growth. Read on to learn more about how our adult day care programs help members acquire vital skills.

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Social Skills

Through group activities and community outings, participants at our adult day center learn how to navigate social situations and form meaningful connections. Our day programs for adults with disabilities focus on improving communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution, helping individuals build positive relationships and engage effectively with others.

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Life Skills

It’s important to master daily living activities such as cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene. Classes through our adult day program teach these essential skills, enabling participants to manage their personal needs confidently. This focus on life skills helps individuals lead more self-sufficient and independent lives.

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Academic Skills

Continuing education plays a significant role in our adult day care programs. Participants engage in academic lessons matching their learning needs. This means we cover subjects like reading, writing, and basic math. These educational activities bolster cognitive abilities, build confidence, and make life more enriching.

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Vocational Training

Preparing for the workforce is a significant step towards independence. Our vocational training includes job readiness activities, resume building, and interview preparation. We also provide opportunities for participants to volunteer within the community, gaining real-world experience and developing a strong work ethic.

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If you’re ready to help a loved one grow and become more independence, ADDS can provide the support and resources they need. Our adult day care programs enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities through targeted skill development and personalized care.

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